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Monday, August 11, 2014

Religion As Politics

Most of what we call Religion is politics and sociology: the push and crush of human beings, not of deities and angels.

In TIME we see:
How an Extremist Buddhist Network Is Sowing Hatred Across Asia
Charlie Campbell / Dharga Town @charliecamp6ell
Aug. 8, 2014

All one needs is the headline.
For many years, Buddhism was the paradigm of a "real" religion to even liberal atheists; even Sam Harris felt he had to admit to dabbling in Buddhist-type meditation.

But not all Buddhists are smiling.

Religion and God take a lot more work than merely putting a pin on one's lapel. It does not matter so much whether we believe in God as it matters whether we understand the Holy in our existence. 

I see less and less proof that we grasp the most fundamental understanding of the Holy, as our lives become emptier and our soul howl in the mad night.


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