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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TransperceMer / Sea-Piercer

Libyan Parliament Currently Operating from a Floating Ferry
Libya's elected government has fled escalating violence in the country's capital, and taken refuge in a Greek ferry in the neighboring port city of Tobruk, according to news reports.

A large ship usually used to transport cars between Italy and Greece was hired at the last minute to accommodate Libya's parliament, the Guardian reported. Elected in June, the officials were originally set to meet in Benghazi, but changed course due to intensifying conflict...

If you have seen the film Snowpiercer ( Transperceneige ), you will recognize the theme of human events carried on in the universe of Continuous Transport.
Many science fiction stories have involved generations living on starships in their centuries long journeys to far away stars. That is pretty much Continuous Transport. It is Irony in an enigmatic cocoon: human nature remaining the same while the environment radically changes; immobilis in mobile.

We are Captain Nemos, however; we seek mobilis in mobile: change within change.
If we do no change, we will never arrive at our far-off goal.


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