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Friday, January 26, 2018



The usual acronym for the US President is POTUS - President Of The United States.

Mr. Trump, however, has laid claim to a new acronym, which is SHOTUS, derived from his famous remarks about certain S***Hole countries. So SHOTUS it is. My friend, Parnesse, told me that it sounded almost Yiddish, so now it is


which could be sort of hurriedly pronounced like "shodus", and takes its place next to schlemiel, schlimazel, schmuck, schmarta, schnorrer, etc.


The above is my own Yiddish-Hebrew spelling, sort of a mosh-mish of the two. The "u" should be a short "u" but it is no gevaltige...
And I do not have the correct fonts, so I actually have to cut and paste thaings, and sometimes I just take what I can get. I think I would have spelled it differently, but no biggie.

Note the irony of SHOTUS "Draft Dodger" between two service people.

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