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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Iskra means a spark. It has connotations that we either recognize or not. It is not important whether we do so. In the present time, during the GEC - Great Economic Crisis - we look around and see that the process of Global Capitalism has moved the means of production away from our homes, away from our people. Those who made a good living in manufacturing do so no longer. Factories have moved away. They have become maquiladoras in Mexico or elsewhere. Work has been outsourced overseas. Such is the nature of Global Capitalism. Thus, now we are faced with the question whether the people of the USA will be able to be re-trained to live in the new global economy - such as it is. I have read about this. This is a valid topic of discussion among the leadership elite: what shall we do with all the people who no longer have jobs...especially since the jobs are no longer here? Will the American People themselves be up to the task of re-creating themselves to fit into the new global economy?, we ask again. In other words, will the American people be able to "povertize" themselves into a society resembling what we used to refer to as Third World societies? Will they be able to shift gears? Downwards, from fifth to third, to second, to a slow, first? Of course they will. This is the land of the can-do spirit. At some point, however, I fear that it will become rather blatantly obvious to all involved that this whole process of "povertization" could have been avoided if the people themselves had been the owners of the means of production. It is only the fact that the ownership of production was a separate class that enabled capitalism to move the manufacturing jobs elsewhere. So, if the workers had control of the production, they would not find themselves scrambling to find what bakhshish they could. Having never been a Communist, I find this annoying. But some bright johnny will write about it, and we shall undoubtedly see a rebirth of a new form of Communism, rising phoenix-like from the ashes of the USSR. ...and the armies will; clash by night again.

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