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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wedding Bell Blues 2: The Wedding Crashers

Another Afghan wedding party has bitten the dust recently, blasted by overwhelming US air power. Didn't get much coverage. On July the 4th, I salute the flag. In the background, I heard the foolish audio of cable TV, talking about every madness except the Insanity. The present age is an age of Murder, Theft, and Negligent Criminality. We differ from other historic criminals ages in that we are at the crux of historic times and forces. We entered the Atomic Age arm in arm with the fight against the most hideous and satanic political philosophy ever: Nazism. It was no coincidence. We entered the Atomic Age and opened the door to the Interstellar Age. Again, no coincidence. We have been called upon to do great things. We have done very little on that historic To-Do list. Give up the tranquil mind, bid farewell to contentment, for if we fail, the truly criminal will cry havoc!, and let slip the dogs of war, and we shall never come home again.

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