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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Follow The Astral Road

I have been with two family members who are ill. They may be near the end of life.

One told me he dreamed of walking an astral road from Detroit to Port Huron, and the pavement was 3D, with not only stars but deep space galaxies and nebulae. He said it was terrifying in the sense of being overwhelmingly awesome.
I thought he may be getting ready.

The other, a lady, is visiting. My wife spends time with her while I was battling the various epochs of windows in my mother's summer house, a vast reliquary of tschotches and styles and designs, and a museum of window types.
One window design was the prototype of sliding summer porch windows, containing 50 inch x 36 inch sliders which must be removed to get the screens out and to be able to wash both sides of the sliders. These things weigh about 35 pounds distributed over 3,600 cubic inches. They really required a small crane or cherry-picker to properly work with, sort of a TonkaToy crane steroidical and a back brace.

My wife says that the lady seems detached.

When she said that, I looked at my left hand, which was resting under the lamp next to the computer. I seemed to sense that the quantum particles - atoms, molecules, and all the body parts no larger than an alderman's ring -  could act detached as they were getting ready to leave their Lover, this paramour, the Self of more than 70 years cognition, faith, fear, hope, and striving;  filling their minute minds with memories of passionate penetrations into the body, in order to remember in the vasty future.

There was a terrible Love going through the small space enclosed by that left hand... terrible in the sense of awesome.


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