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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Who Is ISIS? 2

 AP Photo of Syrian Rebel

ISIS is our creation just as Osama bin Laden was.

ISIS is a group of monsters and mercenaries we - and our "friends"... the wispy-minded Doctors Praetorius that infest the graveyards of our foreign policy - hired to do our dirty work. Remember the post I ran about the Syrian Civil War, in which the photo above appeared?

Not only tattoed, but tattoed with blatant female imagery. That is just the type of thing an observant and pious Sunni Muslim would do, right? Not!

The so-called "militants" are monsters and mercenaries.
They are not a group of Sunni religious minded people who just happen to kill and crucify other people.

So, who has lied to us?

The President has lied to us about our support of monsters in Syria.
The House of Representatives has lied to us, particularly Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan.
The Senate has lied to us.
The Media has lied to us.
And we lie to each other.

People that continuously believe that they can control their own monsters, even after copious experience has shown otherwise, are the veritable monsters.



 Photo of Dr. Praetorius

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