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Friday, February 20, 2015

American Sniper

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I missed the film American Sniper, which I pronounce like "SNYYY-PERRR".

But see it I shall, for it is so 21st century, which is the ante-room to Starship Troopers without the big bugs.

My missing the film the first time around was all for the best, however.
If I had gone to the film, someone would have punched me, because I would have been sitting on the edge of my seat in the scene where the mother gives the bomb to her young son, and Chris Kyle agonizes over he should blow them to kingdom come, and I would have been saying "Snipe! Snipe!.... Snipe, snipers!"

There actually is a good reason for this as follows:

There was a The Big Bang Theory episode in which Leonard purchases on eBay a Time Machine from the film The Time Machine, assuming it is a small scale model.
He bid $800 and as the time of the auction runs down, he is awaiting those buyers who "sit in the bushes" and wait until the last seconds, at which time they spring their bids into the fray. These buyers are called snipers.

Leonard, realizing he cannot afford $800 for a Time Machine model, becomes nervous as the time runs out and his $800 bid is not out-bid.

He begins to plead for the snipers to out-bid him and save him from his fiscal folly.

"Snipe! Come on snipers! Snipe! Snipe!... Sniiii-pe!  Ahhhh!"


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