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Friday, February 27, 2015

Somebody Thiefed My Anecdote !

Beautiful Belize

Tales from around the Caribbees, stories and tales.
You may like to think of it as the news. No matter.

Jamaica has legalized small amounts of ghanjah.
Alaska did, too, the day before.

I meant to say, tales from around the Bering Sea, too.
No matter.
You know.
This has been the coldest February on record, say, in the eastern part of the States and Canada... very Alaska! Yet it has been the warmest in a long time, too, in the western parts, say, of Alberta. So always a balance.

In Belize, most peoples use the word "Thief" as a noun and a verb, "Some person thiefed my wallet."

I think plagiarism should be called "thief", like "to thief concepts".
But there is already the Creole "idées et fausse-monnaie" where the "et" sets up an equivalence between the ideas (idées) and counterfeit money (fausse-monnaie), and that equality is considered a modification of the one noun by the other.

So there is always a balance. Always a balance, as Dr. Yen Lo always said.


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