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Friday, October 30, 2015

The European Union Dreams Of The House Of Hapsburg...

L’Europe n’existe pas, sauf par sa monnaie unique
Michel Onfray, un mec à gros cerveau.
( [a united, single] Europe does not exist, except in common currency)

Quite simply, it may be argued that the European Union grew too fast in the past 25 years.
It could barely keep up with NATO's growing pains.

The European Union should have kept its original focus for a bit longer and doubled down in its attempt to create a true union whose differences create a sum greater than its parts, and that would act as a beacon to the world.

Instead, we have a creature that resembles Austria-Hungary, made up of numerous nationalities with little common mentality and sympathy anymore.
In fact, the refugee crisis mirrors the constituents of the Dual Monarchy of Austria-Hungary rather vividly, for the German-speaking element of the Monarchy actually made meaningful strides in incorporating the various nationalities into a nation (after having resisted such a revolutionary idea for hundreds of years, to be sure.), whereas Hungary, however, ignored even its own laws to extend political rights and oppressed - rather with glee - the mostly Slavic minorities within its kingdom.

One may see a vague parallel here between the attitude towards refugees of Angela Merkel versus that of Viktor Orbán, the Prime Minister of Hungary.

How may Marcel Proust - a man born in Auteil and speaking and writing French and born into the Roman Catholic faith - come to terms with Franz Kafka - a Czech born in Prague of Jewish descent and writing and speaking German - and with Bela Balasz - Jewish, Hungarian, German?

Es werde eine Verwandlung - It will be a Metamorphosis.

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