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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I Know For Whom I'm Voting

And it is not Hilary Clinton. I will write in Sanders name if I must, or I shall vote Green, but I cannot morally cast a vote for that atrocious person. She and her amoral husband will go down in infamy into history.

I mean, they are only amiable and friendly and supportable in their contrast to the viciously ignorant Republican crowd that has festered in the nation's capitol for so long... not all Republicans, just the know-nothings, the covert racists, the intellectually bankrupt.

I was reading about her debate with Bernie in New York back two weeks ago:

Defending Attack on Libya, Clinton Blames Obama—And Suggests Repeat for Syria
During a heated Democratic debate in New York on Thursday night, Hillary Clinton sought to both defend and deflect responsibility for her central role in destabilizing Libya—by blaming President Barack Obama.

"The decision was the president's," she said in response to criticism from rival Bernie Sanders over her leadership as then-Secretary of State during the 2011 military intervention to overthrow Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

"Did I do due diligence? Did I talk to everybody I could talk to? Did I visit every capitol and then report back to the president? Yes, I did. That's what every secretary of state does," Clinton said. "But at the end of the day, those are the decisions that are made by the president to in any way use American military power, and the president made that decision, and yes, we did try without success because of the Libyans' obstruction to our efforts, but we did try and will continue to try to help the Libyan people."

The remarks come just days after Obama admitted in an interview with Fox News that "failing to plan for the day after" Gaddafi's toppling was the "worst mistake" of his presidency.

In a previous debate, Clinton said the president had made "the right decision at the time" and blamed the instability that followed on the Arab Spring and "a lot of other things." ...

This is the same Hilary Clinton who in an interview laughingly said, "We came, we saw, he died."
The very same person.
Look at the video of her laughing:

Let's run a duelling videos selection of Gadhaffi's last minutes alive Hilary's laughter and do it over and over until we're sick of both of them. It won't tale long. Gadhaffi was a wretch who killed people and Hilary created Syria, although she is trying to pretend she did not.
...Clinton responded with both another seeming criticism of Obama—and by suggesting regime change in Syria.

"Yes, when I was secretary of state, I did urge along with the Department of Defense and the CIA that we seek out, vet, and train, and arm Syrian opposition figures so that they could defend themselves against [President Bashar al] Assad. The president said no."

"I think it's only fair to look at where we are in Syria today and yes, I do still support a no-fly zone because I think we need to put in safe havens for those poor Syrians who are fleeing both Assad and ISIS and so they have some place they can be safe," she said. "Nobody stood up to Assad and removed him, and we have a far greater disaster in Syria than we are currently dealing with right now in Libya."
 She admits her role in the disaster.
And President Obama in the first quote admits that he and his administration - which therefore includes Hilary Clinton - did not plan for Libya after Gadhaffi, even though they have the 10 year plus horrible example of an Iraq War which did not plan for life after Saddam Hussein!!

Even if President Obama could run for a third term, I do not think I would vote for him.
We need something else.


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