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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sinum Conservate! Preserve The Bay!

Brother Alex of the Order of St. Paul of the Settled and the Wild

Every time I come to Maryland, I try to visit the house of the order of St. Paul of the Oikumene (the settled and inhabited areas) and the Antioikumene (the wild areas). Their service is to conserve and keep clean the Chesapeake Bay. So far, they have been focused and successful as a non-profit that receives some State funding, but not directly, as that would violate Church-State separation.

Maryland and Virginia have found that a religious order, non-profit, seems to be more effective than the previous short term and cyclical efforts to clean and re-clean the Bay.

The House of St. Paul, The Settled and the Wild, Tilghman Island, MD

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