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Friday, August 10, 2007

Hometown Heroes 2

Taking Back The Government

There is a great story in Alaska, home of a corrupt elite of politicians.
Protesters feast on Don Young fundraiser
"Outside Don Young’s annual pig roast fundraiser on Wednesday night, a raucous crowd of all ages and political persuasions taunted the guests with shouts of “oink, oink,” waved signs against corruption and big money in politics, and generally protested anything Young was for. It was a party inside the fence, where the more than 200 guests drank beer and bottled water and dined on pork under white tents. They were asked to donate up to $1,000 each for U.S. Rep. Young’s re-election campaign.

And it was a party outside, where about 70 protesters showed up for a remarkable demonstration not only against Young at his signature fundraiser event, but also against U.S. Sens. Ted Stevens and Lisa Murkowski, who were special guests. "


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