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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Religion?

The dimension of divinity in human consciousness give us a higher ground from which to view our life in this world. Without the divine, we could not see the forest for the trees, for we would be and would remain immersed within our immediate needs and desires, and would have no place to back up to, and from which to see the whole. In the past, religion provided this higher ground. The leaders of the past could meditate upon their situations from the perspective of their religious beliefs, which they held to be true and unchanging: self-evident truths giving man rights inalienable. Now there is nothing quite so secure and unchanging. Of course, if a philosophy of evil rules, then the results of viewing things from a higher vantage point will only result in more and greater evil. In our lives, the iconography of Guns is far superior and far more powerful than any so-called higher power of God. We shall pay for this.


homeyra said...

Well said Montag, and we ARE paying for this.

Montag said...

And it's going to be a large bill to be paid.

Having said that, how are you? Did you get through the recent unpleasantness unscathed?

I shall go over to your site and catch up.