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Monday, February 18, 2013

Science and Religion

In the West, Science and Religion have fought because they are so much alike, not because they are so different.

We seek to understand the infinite detail of Creation by reducing the important characteristics to a manageable handful, which we then manipulate to establish systems of thought with Truth, Completeness, and Consistency.

Completeness seeks to have a GUT, a Grand Unified Theory, be it of Science or be it Theology.

Consistency seeks to maintain scientific theories in the face of experiment, or dogma in the face of new opinions, novelties, and heresy.

Truth is a character of language, and all logic seeks to be able to expostulate larger and larger bodies of knowledge while all the time maintaining the character called "Truth" throughout.
For example, "All men are mortal; Socrates is a man; therefore Socrates is mortal."
Here we started with one premise which we called true. We added a second which we called true. Then we created - or derived - a third which we do not merely call true, but which itself maintains the character of truth by the rules of logic.
We have created or procreated a new "truthful" entity; we have extended truth. We have not determined truth,  but have created something new which is also a carrier of truth, just like our children carry our DNA.

Science and Religion does the same here in the West, and throughout the world. Islam and Judaism are very much involved in Truth, Completeness, and Consistency. Science uses characters such as Mass and Charge, Religion uses Virtue and Morality;  Truth is a character common to both, although not entirely the same in both domains.


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