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Thursday, February 28, 2013

More War

As Secretary of State, John Kerry seems to be pushing for another facet of the unending war program of the present administration and the power elites of this benighted country. He is talking about sending aid, excluding armaments, to the Syrian rebels.

Who are these rebels? I know they are receiving armaments from Arabia and Qatar. I know there are many jihadists identified in their ranks.

So why are we doing this? If I remember correctly, there was peace in Syria until the rebels launched their attacks. So we are once again supporting violence in a Muslim country, and in our wisdom, we intend the violence to go just so far and no further.... and once again we are in control of the situation.

The News is that this government set-up we have: the Congress, the Executive, and the Judiciary, cannot control anything anymore.
We are slipping into chaos right along side those whom we deliver into anarchy.

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