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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Butterfly Under Glass

 Mounted Butterflies On Display

All of us are artists.

The artistic difference between those whom we term "artists" and the rest of the workforce is this:

the outcome of our projects remain predictable and less complex, whereas those of "artists" become complex and unpredictable over time and exposure to those who experience the art.

There is an illusion of static permanence achieved by putting things in art galleries and museums, and by multiplying reproductions of "works of art" to infinity, but that is merely the archival approach to any phenomenon.

Art = The Butterfly (le papillon) at the beginning of the French series Les Revenants; pinned through the thorax and mounted into an old wood frame display case, it suddenly revives at the very inception of the series.
It bursts through the glass which enshrouds it and the other butterflies on display with an amorphously transparent pseudo-immortality, like that of Snow White's temporary bier in the fairy tale.... life will out!

Art rises like the butterfly. Papillon!

If we recall the film Papillon based on the life of Henri Charrière, and which starred Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman, we would think about the controversy about Charrière's veracity in telling his story of imprisonment on Devil's Island - a veracity much impugned.
French journalist Gerard de Villiers, author of "Papillon Épinglé" (Butterfly Pinned) maintains that "Only about 10 percent of Charrière's book represents the truth."


And that 10 percent grew exponentially into a great film and great memories.


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