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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Portfolio Theory Of Spiritual Risk

The rights deemed to be held by corporate entities are, in a very real and effective sense, "greater" than my rights.

For example, even though we both have the right to free speech, I do not have the ability to spend thousands nor millions of dollars pushing my agenda. My right to free speech effectively has less force than the corporate right

Nor do I have the means of forcing my religious beliefs upon others. I can show good example in how I live my life, but I cannot deny others practices which I consider wrong. Now certain types of corporate entities can do just that.

The original impulse to treat corporates as individuals was to safeguard individual corporate investors from bearing each an individual liability for any mishap during the course of business - which often was exploration of unknown lands back 500 years ago.

This did not grant a right to the corporation; it reduced punitive risks for investors.
The aim was not to enable; it was to reduce one area of risk, for even though the law could not make the day to day drudge work of The Hudson Bay Company any less risky back in the day, it could lessen the exposure of the investors to various types of loss.

The recent Supreme Court decisions have a different aim, for they aim at establishing rights to act, not at reducing risk, unless Hobby Lobby's owners deemed that they were risking their immortal souls by paying for contraceptive health care.

But what is this but the resurgence of the genius of the Eighteenth Amendment, which introduced Prohibition? For any number of people and corporations may hold that their immortal souls are "at risk" by being forced to obey certain laws, just as the Temperance party held that their immortal souls were at risk if they indulged in liquor, and that the entire nation's souls were at risk, unless booze be outlawed.

Large scale and massive compulsion is the sibling of granting corporate entities "rights", for our individual rights will be diminished thereby.

All in all, the rights of individual citizens will be drowned out by the corporate citizens.


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