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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ma Huwa Khayr Min An-Naum?

We sleep uneasily:punctuated somnolence, dreams perforated by wakening.
It is not the temperature of the house, nor is it the light of the time of year, but it is the lack of symbolism.

I wake at 3 to 4 bells in the morning, fully refreshed after about 5 hours of the best, and the mu'ezzin in my head intones continuously :

which is, Prayer is better than Sleep.

If the call were ever so loud, the populace would be justified in calling the cops in to tell that mu'ezzin to tone it down a few hundred decibels, but it is the minaret of the mind that calls us, and we toss and turn for the hours.

What is coming that the householder need be so alert and cautious? What is the change that comes in the night? Or, what the novelty of life that will roll over us? We do not sleep the sleep of those whose symbolic life is filled with totem dogmas, never questioned, never tested.

The Brave New World is running scared.


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