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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Politics And Parasites

 Fluke Parasite

Capitalism is a vast and large concept.

Upon the basis of the freedom of markets and the economic freedom of individuals, there exists layers upon layers of parasitic verminous philosophies and behaviors, all of which claim the status of capitalism, but which are exploitation and devastation.

Similarly with Democracy: upon the democratic ideals of Washington, Jefferson, and the Founding Fathers, we find the parasitic lichenous growths of Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism, not to mention the atrocity of corporate citizens  - a heresy fostered by a Supreme Court of Dunces.

 Lichens on a Tree

You find it everywhere: upon the healthy structure, the parasitic leeches on and drains away the life blood.
Sort of like the so-called "capitalists" better known as the Robber Barons.

Jay Gould

Make no mistake: the growth of Inequity within our society is due to the parasitic preying of a privileged elite, which elite renders no service - except clamors for war! - to society as a whole.


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