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Friday, March 13, 2015

Who Killed Boris Nemtsov?

Boris Nemtsov
(God rest his soul)

In the year 2000, Boris Nemtsov was a supporter - but not an enthusiastic one - of Mr. Putin's leadership in Russia:

Russia's Best Bet
By Boris Nemtsov and Ian Bremmer
Published: January 5, 2000
Vladimir Putin has seamlessly replaced Boris Yeltsin as leader of Russia, moving quickly to take advantage of his high approval ratings and his party's bolstered support in parliament. This is quite an accomplishment for a government that lacked a popular mandate only a month ago.

Yet many in the United States have expressed doubts about Russia's new acting president.

For one, it has been widely noted that Mr. Putin, a former K.G.B. officer, was a virtual unknown until Mr. Yeltsin made him his prime minister in August and that his Unity Party did not even exist then. The truth is, being an unknown is not only a distinct political advantage in Russia, it was a necessity for Mr. Putin, who had to amass credible popular support in a political culture tarred by cynicism and disillusionment. He neither made nor carried out government policies in the last few years, so he wasn't responsible for any of the mistakes.

Some critics have questioned Mr. Putin's commitment to democracy. True, he is no liberal democrat, domestically or internationally. Under his leadership Russia will not become France. The government will, however, reflect the Russian people's desire for a strong state, a functioning economy, and an end to tolerance for robber barons -- in short, a ''ruble stops here'' attitude. Russia could do considerably worse than have a leader with an unwavering commitment to the national interest.

And it is difficult to see how to do better...

It is true that 15 years may make a large difference.
However, the history of modern Russia is an area most of us ignore; we are total dimwits about it. There was a large fire in a mall in Kazan recently.  Where is Kazan, what might its connections be to the Crimea, and what link may there be to global terrorism... if any?

Bet you don't have an idea.

Yet you jump to the conclusion that Mr. Nemtsov was killed by the "megalomaniacal" Mr. Putin.

And even those who live and breathe on the tropes of the US Media being slanted, twisted,and biased accept the story full cloth... for their deep, deep ignorance is such that it would take too long to research, and who really cares? Right?

Mr. Nemtsov hailed from Sochi in the Causasus region.

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