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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Sa'dah, Yemen

Saudi Arabia and it allies launch an air campaign in Yemen against the Houthis rebels.

The US declares support for Saudi campaign.

Wikipedia sez:
...The Houthi movement began as the Believing Youth (BY), which was founded in 1992 in Saada Governorate by either Houthi family member Muhammad al-Houthi, or his brother Hussein al-Houthi.

According to Ahmed Addaghashi, a professor at Sanaa University, the Houthis began as a theological movement that preached tolerance and peace that held a considerably broad-minded educational and cultural vision. Western sources report that BY established school clubs and summer camps in order to "promote a Zaidi revival" in Saada. By 1994–1995, 15–20,000 students had attended BY summer camps.

After the 2003 invasion of Iraq, BY-affiliated youth began chanting anti-American and anti-Jewish slogans in the Saleh Mosque in Sana'a after Friday prayers. This led to confrontations with the government, and 800 BY supporters were arrested in Sana'a in 2004. President Ali Abdullah Saleh then invited Hussein al-Houthi to a meeting in Sana'a, but Hussein declined. On 18 June 2004 Saleh sent government forces to arrest Hussein. Hussein responded by launching an insurgency against the government, but was killed on 10 September 2004. The insurgency continued intermittently until a ceasefire agreement was reached in 2010...

Could be another tolerant group made radical by the Lies of the Iraq Campaign of 2003.
We despise tolerant and peaceful groups. We aid killers.

I always said that we would paid for our support of the perfidious neo-conservatives and their Iraq War... You know, like Karma and its brothers... returning like prodigal sons of ill mien.

(Of course, it is sectarian: Shi'a versus Sunni.)



I have to report that I met a nephew of Muhammad Al Houthi once. This was Abdu-l-llah al-'umari
who once laid claim to the Moon or Mars or some other item of the Solar System.

There was no fighting, no bombing, and no rioting. I think we were in Canada in some bar or tea shop. It's hard to tell. I was never on the front lines of conflicts, unlike other news people.


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