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Friday, May 22, 2009

Armageddon's Addicts

Baysage has a post on how we are addicted to war. You may use the link on the right: What Powderfinger said... to view it. Madea would say we are the war-mongeringest fools she ever saw, I think. I shall repeat myself once more: World War II did not end in 1945. It morphed into the Cold War. The Cold War between the USA and the USSR contined until 1991 when the USSR fell apart. After 1991, after a brief hiatus, the USA continued the war unilaterally, extending bases and its presence wider and wider. At present, there is war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. We still have bases in Okinawa from 1945, and new ones are planned in other areas.


Unknown said...

This bears repeating often. Americans are a stiff-necked and ignorant people. You're right about our plans for bases. Contracts for billions for their construction in Afghanistan have already been let. Surprise, no? The defense industry fat cat ghouls are going to get their money right up front in our latest war.

homeyra said...

I wasn't able to post a direct link, your blog setting does not allow it. If you google Chalmers Johnson - Conversation with history, you'll find a very interesting conversation on this subject.
Thanks for your visit and posting about Afghan women.
Are you really 91?

Montag said...

Baysage, so rightly said. I wish I had invested in armaments long ago.

Homeyra, welcome.
I was not aware of the problem with direct links. I'' look into it. I have not a clue.

My age....hmmmm.
I know this: if you are somewhat old, you gain no respect for merely being a little old; you have to be really, really old; then people say: Wow! Not bad, for an old geezer!!
So...I'm not quite 91.
I am of an age no longer winsome, no longer young, no longer graceful and smooth.
I am not the silk of younth; I am more like burlap.