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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Republican Renaissance

People keep chattering about re-inventing the Republican Party. That will be an impossible task, until such time as they recognize that the Republican Party is now and has been for 100 years the Lobbyist for the wealthy. The reason that Reagan drew so much support into the Republican Party is due to the sometimes great notion that we were all part of the potentially wealthy class: we all owned stocks and bonds, we all saw our investments rocket with the markets. We were all of the business class, we were all near-rich, we were Republicans - hard core ones. Now we see that it was a darn good story, but it was a sham. The future holds nothing good for us old believers - the ones who believe in unlimited growth and wealth for the USA. Future generations will not feel our pain, for they will have grown up in a different world. But we shall spend the rest of our lives wailing at the West Wall of our once near wealth. And the Republican Party has lost its fairy tale. It will not be re-invented until it discovers a new fairy tale, and a new group of dumb believers. The Democrats already have theirs...for the time being.

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