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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Krieg Und Die Endwaffe: The End Of Voluntary War

 Cthullu Wakes

The enemy is War itself.
Yet we are fighting its battles.

The enemy in the nuclear age is War itself.
Nuclear weapons are not merely a greater weapon; they are the End Weapon - die Endwaffe - a weapon that will not remain in the hand of the one that thinks to wield it, but leaps free and does its damage without humanity able to intervene.

Atomic devices are not weapons, they are idols, they are kings, they are rulers. They will not subordinate themselves to mankind.
They are the Terminators.
In our popular fairy tales, we have told the story of the machines taking over occurring sometime in the future. It has already happened.

We stumble about in fear that Taliban will seize the atomic devices of is the bombs themselves which are conniving to be set free.

They are calling us, like the unsleeping Cthullu in his city of nightmares.



Unknown said...

Nukes are acolytes to Mars, the true supreme being for our civilization which even as it starves, wastes itself away in paying him tribute.

Montag said...

It is very frightening to come to the point where metaphor: "worshipping Mars"
begins to take over reality: "military-industrial complex"...
when the dry and innocuous threat of M-I complex actually does become a mindless and savage intoxication.