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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Django Insaned

I don't think I have ever seen a film as bad as Django Unchained.

Spike Lee was 100% correct in saying that he was never going to see it.
It is awful.

What Hogan's Heroes was to the Holocaust, Django Unchained is to Slavery.

Perhaps I was too annoyed that Django's wife was variously named Brunhilda and Broomhilda:  this was too overt a hint that the whole thing was a knock-off of comic strip story telling.... sort of like Terry and The Pirates meets Smokey Stover .

I am serious. At the end, the plantation mansion is blown up, and Jamie Foxx uses the next few minutes for showing off his abilities with horses, doing a few dressage bits. The only thing missing was a sign saying "etaoin shrdlu".


Tom Schott said...

But the bit with the hooded dudes on horses was pretty funny. Tarentino peaked mightily with "Pulp Fiction." He'll never hit those heights again.

Montag said...

If the rest of the film had been given the same attention as that scene, it would have been very good. But the rest was not given that attention.

The Samuel Jackson character was ridiculous: a black "power behind the throne", yet uncle tomming something awful when in public.

May the "Uncle Tom-Black Power behind the Throne" was an important part of Slavery... but I doubt it.

Tarantino spends too much time getting high with his buds, and he ends up letting them call too many shots.