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Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Violence - and, by implication, mass shootings and killings - is not a mental health problem. It is not a mental state which is dysfunctional.

Violence is a culture construct; we create behavior patterns and scripts of violence, and when the time comes, we answer the call to begin to act our parts.

Violent acts are a trauma. When the participants leave their violent actions, and they return to a more "normal" state of affairs, the distortions  of violence in society prevent the trauma from being assuaged, and the "normal" states of affairs become more and more dysfunctional.

Violence and anger breed more violence and anger.

We are not insane.
We have a history of violence and intransigeance. We do not forgive. We are monsters of our own destruction..., but we are not insane.

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Tom Schott said...

No. We are not insane, my friend. But what we do is insane. We continually, and in as many ways as possible, contribute to our own debasement and destruction. With a glee and enthusiasm that beggars the imagination.

Took a couple of weeks off from Powderfinger, but I'm back, although I intend to scale back from the burdensome daily post routine I've imposed upon myself.