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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Rural America January 6 2013

By Bill Bishop

New York Times columnist Mark Bittman continues to write about food as if farmers and rural communities didn’t exist.
Bittman’s column Wednesday was about “fixing our food problem.” Bittman finds quite a bit that needs attention. He writes that what we grow and how we grow it has “been a major contributor to climate change, spawned the obesity crisis, poisoned countless volumes of land and water, wasted energy, tortured billions of animals… I could go on.”
What the nation must do, Bittman commands, is to “figure out a way to uninvent this food system.”
Great! Maybe Bittman has something in mind for farmers and rural America.
Well, you can read for yourself. The column is here. But you can take our word for it, there’s much more in this column about what should be done to improve the lives of farm animals than of the men and women who raise them....

A good illustration of how we read, write, and jibber-jabber in an unusual way that is blind to much of the world hidden from eyes... hidden because it is not premasticated and predigested for us by the Media.
Read something other than the New York Times, or listen to something other than FOX.
They are all urban chauvinists!

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