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Monday, August 31, 2015

1984... Or What You Will

The Independent

The second volume of Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders [a Marvel publication in the UK] was published earlier this month.

The series takes place on Battleworld, a dystopian planet in which two cities, one good and one evil, are separated by a wall.

The 'evil' city is run by Victor von Doom of Fantastic Four fame, who invades the 'good' city of Yinsen when the second volume begins.

Early in the issue the reader is brought to a detention camp, where a guard tells captives that their rights are being stripped.  [see above picture]

Now Von Doom, yet another instance of what Dr. Sheldon Cooper refers to as the troublingly high number of advanced degree holders among super villains, has been accused of plagiarizing the British PM:


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