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Monday, August 31, 2015

Views Of Russia

RUSSIA Beyond The Headlines

There are some blogs I regret taking my eyes off...

Charming Faces Of Russian Orthodoxy

"A wooden church stands on the island of Patmos in the middle of the Katun River; residential and farm buildings are located in an area of woodland on the left bank. The island is connected to the shore by means of a suspension bridge. The sisters make a daily round of the cloister with an icon."

" 'Holy Bushes' Uspensky Svyato-Georgiev [St. George Assumption] Monastery, Bashkiria was opened in 1901. It is located among forests, meadows, and low hills, away from populated areas."

"Father Nikolai, an elder of the Ufa diocese, visits the cloister to answer workers' questions. Lay people often come and spend time at the monastery. The purpose of their visits is the selfless desire to help the monastery. In addition to their desire to help the monastery, people are frequently in need of spiritual help and support, and in search of a new outlook on life. Visitors and monks live in small detached wooden monastic cells."

Go and look! Go and look!


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