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Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Right-Wing Crafts Their Attack On The New Treaty

"We are against the treaty. We believe that the High Old One, that Power greater than ourselves, wants us to fight against it, and to defend whatever it is we similarly believe in within His invisible Mind."

Thus began the right-wing to begin their attacks against the Treaty of Algeron, which had been designed to ensure decades of peace between the Romulan Empire


and the Federation of Planets

The Treaty of Algeron is described as a sell-out of the Federation to its enemies, the Romulans. The treaty expressly forbids the Federation to proceed in the development of "Cloaking Technology".
The radical conservatives hawks, led by Admiral Pressman

Admiral Pressman, center

proclaim that the treaty deprives the Federation of its rightful future.

As portrayed in fictional accounts - Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode Pegasus - having retrieved a cloaking device from the derelict Pegasus, Captain Picard uses it on the Enterprise to escape from an imprisonment within an asteroid engineered by a Romulan opponent.
However, upon escape, Picard uncloaks in front of the Romulan, thus alerting them to the violation of the Treaty of Algeron.
Captain Picard relays a message to the Romulan vessel stating that the Federation would be contacting the Romulan government about this incident.

(Thus, clearly, since the Pegasus cloaking device is also a phase-shifting device, an incredible jump ahead in technology, Captain Picard is taking the role that Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein took after the development of the Atomic Bomb, hoping to avoid an arms race.)

Presidential candidate, Donald  ( "The Donald" ) Mudd did not comment early on

in the fight against the ratification of the treaty.


Some people have thought this post to be in bad taste.

I think an unresolved 67-year old situation in Palestine and Israel to be repugnant, and the political fighting that is still occurring to be nihilistic, for a politics and ideology that fights to preserve confrontation and war is morally abhorrent.

I for one have lived my entire life encased in the malign cocoon of Middle Eastern War.
It exudes from my pores, it perverts the religion of the simple beings of faith... the simple AA-type-faith of greater powers by turning their uncontrollable hopes and desires into what they think is the word of God.

What could be more atrocious?


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