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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret.... Along With The Republican Party

Ivanka Trump Running in a Central Park Half Marathon
Ms. Trump Has NOTHING do with Anything in this Post

I was going to watch the Republican debate on FOX.
However, as the moderators spoke on the "rules" of the debate - such things as "one minute reply to questions" - it was apparent that this was more like part of a beauty pageant - the part where the beauties answer a weighty and profound question - and hardly a debate of anything of substance.

So I did not watch.
I left the room.

BOY! Wuz I wrong!

It wuz not a mindless bunch of tripe. It was an argument about women's periods.

Then the very next day a lady runner ran the London Marathon. She was in "her ladies' time" and she ran her marathon without any padding designed for such times, and she had her photo taken at the end of the race with quite a bit of "blood" streaming from "wherever".
Runner who completed the London Marathon during her period without a tampon says she did it to 'break the stigma' after receiving support - and criticism - for her actions

Kiran Gandi, 26, a musician and Harvard graduate, ran London marathon;
Ran with 'blood dripping down legs' for 'sisters who don't have tampons';
Said she wanted to 'transcend oppression' .

If I made up stuff like this, you would all think me perversely comic.

But it is the Brave New World, and welcome to it.


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