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Friday, January 01, 2016

Syria Considered As A Hafgerding

Hafgerding, as used by the Norse adventurers to Greenland,  means "sea-hedge" , and it compares the sea to a plot of land surrounded by hedges, as if one were sitting in a grassy garden surrounded by boxwood hedges:

only at sea, and would look something more like:

 in which that wall of white is ice on the lake which appears to be a high wall-like hedge.

The concept of Hafgerding [ Plural: Hafgerdingar ] is discussed in

where the quote from the medieval Norse manuscript King's Mirror appears:

and Dr. Lehn continues : 

Dr. Lehn develops an explanation for the hafgerding effect based on optics and observed mirages, such as that shown above on Lake Winnipeg. 
Dr. Lehn concludes:

I myself do not think the mirage model works as an explanation for Q2 above. It seems to me there are two phenomena involved here:
(1) the mirage event, and
(2) the rogue wave event.
Dr. Lehn demonstrates correlation between the mirage event and ensuing cyclonic storms 87% of the time in these waters, but the Bishop's description in Q2 seems to indicate a monster wave to me.

Regardless of this controversy, Lord, we pray to Thee for those in peril of the Sea!

And Syria!

Why do I think Syria is so filled with bale?
Because we are whipped into thinking it is a "War", but our government would not drop bombs on the ISIS trucks hauling oil-for-profit into Turkey until the Paris massacre.

It is a Game of Kings; it is a chess match of foreign policy.

We are the pawns. It is our lives destroyed in the senseless gambits of a pointless policy.

It is a reflection of emptiness: we have no hope, so we watch our life dissolve into constant wars and weaponized societies and casinos of hopeless markets.


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