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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Three Kings

I forgot about the three kings. I forgot a lot this Christmas. It was a busy time with the kids, the expecting kids gathering about and scattering about.

I like these three kings, the long ears, gourd ears, and the silver ears. I have no memory where the "ear" motif came from.

Três tribos desse país ...
havia três reis ...
ouro, incenso e mirra ...
brilhante, fumaça e amargo.
Homens do orelhas longas,
do orelhas de cabaças,
do orelhas de prata ...
todos eles navegaram
o mar e o deserto
para ver o recém-nascido.

Searching for Christmas

Three tribes of those countries...
they have three kings...
gold, incense, and myrrh...
shining, smoke, and bitter.
Men of the long ears,
of the gourd-ears,
of the silver ears,

(I inadvertently left out the last 3 lines...)

all of them navigated
the sea and the desert
to see the new-born. 

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