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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The "Friendly Fire" Damage Of Michigan's Republican Administrations

 Governor Snyder of Michigan

You may have heard about the lead poisoning that stems from decisions made about the City of Flint's water supply:

The controversy continues about Republican governor Snyder's response to the lead poisoning of children.
I mean, you can't sell a house constructed before a certain time period without a certified test that there is no lead paint in it. Yet the Republican government of Michigan saw fit to deliver lead wholesale to Flint. Of course, Flint, rather like New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, is largely a poor city with a large black population.

The contempt that threads through Ideology becomes habitual and comes to the fore when circumstances permit. The pagan and heathenish Ideology of the present age will kill everyone, if given it way. Of course, the rich will be the last to die.

Forty years ago, fire-retardant PBBs were dumped into Michigan's cattle feed, and the crisis was handled by the then Republican administration in pretty much the same way: they looked the other way while meat and milk and cheese were tainted with PBBs and worked their way into the food supply and were consumed, where they were stored in fat cells and became difficult to remove from the body.
PBB is one of just six substances — along with lead and mercury — banned by the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive.

Except, of course, in mothers' milk, in which the PBB laden fats were transferred to the children.

Yesterday's Memories and other Useless Thoughts
... a vet in Big Rapids was threatened by the government if he went public about the ordeal. The government realized that people have been infected with the bad meat and there wasn't much they could do about it at that point. Products were quietly pulled off store shelves leaving many wondering what was going on. Think about it. You had milk, butter, cheese, eggs, chicken, pork and beef products pulled off the shelves. Farmers who were using manure to fertilizer their crops now had traces of PBB on the vegetables. It was literally everywhere. Food from outside states were quickly shipped in while Michigan grown food was destroyed. The PBB laced manure eventually soaked into the water supply poisoning some of the farmers wells...

The children, again. Open season on children yet again. The rest of us are damage due to friendly fire, I guess. I mean, we did vote for them.

PBB Affected Cows Being Killed in Michigan

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