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Thursday, December 15, 2016


I saw some Civil War memorabilia in a fellow's office two days ago. The was a large document from Austin Blair, the Governor of the State of Michigan during the Civil War appointing the man's great-great-grandfather to a commission in the Union Army.

We spoke briefly. I told him of my ancestors - the one about whom I knew - who had served in the Union Army in regiments from New York State.

The other day a young girl wore a Confederate flag to school. She said it was no big deal. There was all kinds of heck, however. And I think the young girl knew it was a big deal, because you see a lot of people displaying that flag these days.

However, my friend and I realized that our ancestors put their lives on the line to fight to support the Union, and to them that Confederate flag was a flag of rebellion, slavery, secession, and Disunion.
That flag was an insult to our forefathers and it should have been felt by us as an affront.

Now we realize it.


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