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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Louis Malle And The Banality Of Incest

 Ave Ninchi as Augusta Serving Le Soufflé au Coeur!

I finished watching Le Souffe au Coeur (Murmur of the Heart) recently. I have never watched it in its entirety before. The beginning was good, the ending atrocious.

I had recorded it and I immediately erased it and bade it good riddance.

There is no point to anything in the last hour. We are teased along as to "Will they? Won't they?" ("They" being mom and son)  That's about all. The tension is totally ours; Malle does nothing except film interminable sequences of nothing-much-happening-at-all.

And it all ends up like a Tarzan movie when Cheetah the chimpanzee vaults into the scene and everyone laughs a lot. Literally. The family sits around laughing. And they do this for an uncomfortably long time.

Was more like a fallen Soufflé...


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