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Thursday, December 01, 2016

The Powers Of The World: Hagia Pharmaka!

 Hagia Pharmaka  -  Holy Drugs

There are powers in the world.
Mysteries that emerge from our living in the world.

This is not a new discovery. Quite the opposite. Since antiquity we have had gods and demons and forces and fates, fairies and sprites, that may push or pull us, bless us or bane us.
Not new at all.

What is modern is that we have drained the spirits from the world. We have made all things material objects, facts, and processes, and thrown the baraka into the dustbin.


Only, they do come back!

Drugs - once seen as the opium poppy crowned goddess of Crete...
War and Weapons - once Mars and Ares and Kibuka and Bosou...
Food - once Ceres, once the Corn Deity...
Power and Compulsion - all the forces and fates and things that go bump in the night.

I have taken to referring to these things as Lois - the French word pronounced "Lwa" - which is based on Haitian use of Loa  ("Lwa") for deities. It is mostly just a name I use and I do not necessarily imply anything "law-like". I did not want to use "gods" nor "powers". Any term would have too much baggage. I chose "lois", or "loi" in the singular.
I think I shall spell it Lwa, too, just to make it easier.

So what?
So who really cares what I call things that don't have any traction anymore?

Like Drugs.

Drugs are no law, no power of the world. Drugs is not a god!

Or is it?

Who is winning the war on drugs? Drugs wins.
Who gets the hectatomb of thousands of human sacrifices dead from drugs? Drugs gets them.
Who drives society on to spend billions of dollars fruitlessly? Billions invested with no return? Drugs does.

If Drugs ran for president, I would vote for that real power, that lwa.
We may have made Drugs just a "social problem", but I think that social problem can run the world. In fact, Drugs turned Afghanistan into the Number 1 producer of Opium just after NATO kicked out the Taliban and took over in 2001.
Drugs runs the world sometime.

Drugs is no small change.
Drugs has as much power as Santa Muerte, does it not?  Drugs is very much Lwa.

Hagia Pharmaka - Holy Drugs!


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