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Thursday, February 02, 2017

Good Neighbors Make Good Walls

Symbolic Mexican Wall 

The Times of Israel
Mexican Jews voice wall-to-wall outrage over Netanyahu tweet
As PM lauds efficacy of Israeli barrier, Jewish community south of the US border pans him as Trump’s ‘lackey’
In kosher stores, synagogues and intellectual circles, Mexico’s small Jewish community condemned the Israeli prime minister’s support for US President Donald Trump’s border wall as disappointing and shameful.

“As Mexicans, as Jews, we oppose the construction of a wall, but we support cooperation between the two countries [Mexico and the US],” said Rabbi Marcelo Rittner of Comunidad Bet El in Mexico City, in a January 30 statement in Spanish.

The statement was addressed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and published on the Enlace Judio (Jewish Network) website.

Mexico demanded an apology after Netanyahu tweeted on Saturday night in support of Trump’s proposed wall spanning the Mexican border, saying a similar plan along Israel’s southern frontier had been a success.

Netanyahu did not apologize, saying he had not been commenting on US-Mexico relations in the tweet. He added he had a “long, fruitful and very friendly relationship” with Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto...

Good walls really do make good neighbors.
Walls don't make human neighbors "good". It takes at least a village to make a human being good, not merely a wall. It is the wall itself that is a good neighbor, sort of a stoic type, doesn't say much, never asks to borrow your power tools, and whatnot.

Other examples of wonderful neighbors:

Hadrian's Wall
(... as depicted in an illustration for the original edition of Rudyard Kipling's "On the Great Wall" (1906). In this image, the height of the wall is much exaggerated, but it is true that the Roman Empire had built a complex system of fortifications along its borders. However, as the empire's economy declined, it couldn't sustain any more the kind of complexity that was possible at its peak. Complexity has a cost and its returns are not always proportional to it. So it was for the Roman fortifications, that were abandoned in early 5th century A.D., so it may be for some of our infrastructures, such as nuclear energy or manned space exploration .)

Netanyahu's Wall with Partiers

Berlin Wall with More Partiers

"Mr. Gorbachev, build up that wall so we may par-tee!

Interestingly enough, yesterday there was a story in Yahoo News about a small business CEO who said that Mr. Trump reminded him greatly of Mr. Reagan. 
Now that was interesting, since one did not like walls and one loves them.


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