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Friday, February 24, 2017

The Opera Mar-a-Lago: Aria del Buffone: Misterioso

On February 20 in The Washington Post
...According to a New York Times report, there won’t be a plan from the Trump administration. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price told House leaders last week that “the administration would let the House draft the replacement bill.” That should be a flashing red light to Republicans. It seems Trump was — shocker! — lying when he previously said in an interview with The Post the White House had drafted a plan that was nearly done. Moreover, by refusing to put his own position in writing, Trump directs criticism of an Obamacare replacement to House Republicans and preserves his option to reject the plan and attack his own party for coming up with an insufficient plan...

That sounds familiar. I think we mused on its possibility before.

As of yesterday, February 23, we have reports that the White House will have their own plan or outline of a plan or outline of a draft of an idea of a plan sometime by early to mid-March. Apparently the Republican party outside of the Trump cabal were not going to let Il Pagliaccio just sit out the Super Bowl of Health Care.


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