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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Milo Self-Destructs 2nd part of 3

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Milo self-destructs.... and so does the country....
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Milo Yiannopoulos
As has already been pointed out, it was not intolerance nor intemperate speech nor racism nor the seductive desire of anarchy disguised as politics that did Mr. Y in; no, it was pederasty disguised as pedophilia.
In our political discourse, racism is acceptable apparently, as long as it comes from someone in the right-wing or left-wing media with a college degree.
If you are an outsider with a high school education, you may as well look up the local chapter of the KKK, for your views are not high tone enough yet to secure a book deal from Simon & Schuster.
First, we see the absolute horror of the joining of the concepts of children and sexuality. The horror of racism and intolerance is pretty awful, but not nearly so absolute. For example, Ann Coulter can utter the most outrageous threats and it does not disturb us all that much.
Even the president can type unsubstantiated tirades and we brush it off after a bit of brow furrowing.
Yet we do respond to children.
I have previously said that we do so partially because we are guilt-ridden.
In our superposition of states of Good and Evil - being both at the same time, not falling into sin now and then, and returning to the path of goodness but combining good and evil into our one nature - we are unaware on an unspoken and barely imaged level that we all, all, each and every one of us thought Jon Benet Ramsey was the cutest little lady... until, that is, until someone crossed the line and killed her.... and even then...
(We keep going back to this murder, but we only allow ourselves to see it as a "cold case", police work, a detective story, something to be considered "rationally"... in this we are like the Krell of the film Forbidden Planet, in that we cannot face the monsters from the Id.)
I speak from experience, for I was sexually used as a child by someone in whose charge I was temporarily. I am not clear on the exact age, but it was well before my sixth birthday.
I think of it now like a Harry Potter story:  there are young persons - let's call them Wizards for the sake of brevity - who suddenly stumble upon a powerful secret which at their tender ages sets them apart from just about all of the rest of society. For the rest of the children of their age are Muggles - not in on the powerful secret at all.
The rest of society, those who are older, when they discover this "wizardry", they act like the family of Harry Potter's Uncle Vernon Dursley, and are not only horrified at the perpetrator of the offense, but also shove the victim away to live under the stairs and treat them like pariahs possessed of a shameful magic.
(If you think this is a flippant approach to a serious subject, I can only say that I have thought about it for over 60 years.)
This ends this first section. We have looked at how our horror of pedophilia is greater than our other horrors, yet we still dress up children like sexy adults. We also in our rush to clean ourselves and society punish both the actors and those acted upon. (Although at present we are more intelligent about it than we were 60+ years ago.)
So we have dealt with part 1 of the Milo story, children and sexuality.
The next part of this series will appear in Milo Self-Destructs 3rd part of 3.

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