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Thursday, March 02, 2017

Wow!! The Oscars!!

I already wrote on La La Land and said how much I loved it. It was a big screen musical made for the big screen and most film musicals I have ever seen had been transferred from Broadway... all of which I hated, except Fiddler On The Roof, and I think I only like Tevye anyway... maybe Lazar-Wolfe, too, and Molly Picone. The rest of it? Meh!

So Moonlight really won Best Picture. I saw Moonlight, too, and I enjoyed it, but it did not arouse the artistic passions and primal archetypes like La La Land did. It was good.
I remember that before I knew the exact subject matter, I was looking for a positive film for young black men to recommend for my grandson. I said to my daughter, "Why not Moonlight?"
My grandson did not see it at the time, and I think I would have had some explaining to do.

Then there is the subplot for Best Actor - Casey Affleck in Manchester By The Sea - in which we find an alleged sexual harassment, and I read this morning that the presenter, a lady whose name I forget, was not happy to present an award to an alleged sexual harasser, and so on.
Just a few years ago being abused by a family member was all the rage.
Sexual abuse is just sexual harassment practiced by a member of the family, usually while the victim is a minor.
I think that is how things work.
I probably would watch Manchester again because I like the theme that some suffering and evil just never goes away. There is no closure for many things.

What a glorious show!
Finally! To see Price-Waterhouse brought to their knees! It was karma well deserved after they gloated over the fate of Arthur Andersen!

I have not watched an Oscar show since I was in college. I could care less about who is wearing what on the red carpet. I did not watch this one. I am totally uninterested in that show.
Like, this morning on Yahoo News there was a bit on "Gary from Chicago", break-out star of the Oscars tells all...! Skipped right by it. Could not care less... or more, for that matter.

I love the great communal effort of film-making.
I really do not find much to like in watching people out of their milieu - such as actors talking politics.

The guy that did The Apprentice did that.


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