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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Milo Self-Destructs 3rd part of 3

Milo Self-Destructs
Milo Self-Destructs 2nd part of 3

Second,  although both right-wing and left-wing political people can be intolerant and abusive and offensive, it seems to me that Right-Wing Radio is a phenomenon that is all on its own, and has a cherished tradition of a generation or more of intemperance and scurrility which far exceeds that of the left-wing.
We often ask whether violent games (like HALO, which I love!) nurture violence behavior in children.
Did it ever dawn on us that intemperate discourse day after day, week after week, might engender some disgusting baneful behavior within those who listen to that discourse?
We don't know the answers, and the questions are vastly important questions, and we decided to run the experiment to see exactly what happens......!  Only we cannot pull the plug on these experiments; we are left to deal with the results which extend in time for years.
Milo was a paradigm of radical right-wing media. The righties embraced him because, although he was a "fag" in their view, he was "their fag!" 
And this was perfectly all right with Milo, because he had his eye set on the pay-off.
Milo is a minor sub-plot in the story of a generation of intemperate and hateful vituperation, and the depths to which the hustlers of hate on the right and left will sink to secure what they perceive their goals to be.

I realized this evil had borne forbidden fruit when a Republican, Joe Wilson, yelled out "You lie!" at the President during a State of the Union Speech. All civility had disappeared in the brew of hateful discourse combined with the monster racism from the inner soul.

Joe Wilson

That was an event that would not have been comprehensible to The Greatest Generation, much less to me who was taught to respect others. Yet was it not my generation, the Boomers, who have brought this scourge upon us?
Are we not that Generation of Vipers which slices and dices evil into what is "good for us" and what is "bad for us", thus dividing evil into the licit and illicit? The good is left to a few religious who are yet following God and not Caesar.
(When I look at the above photo I can not get over how awful the Politics Suit and Politics Tie look in their clonelike sameness over and over again. Right down to the lapel pins, all the same, all in the same place: homogenized yet most definitely not pasteurized.)

The story of Milo Yiannopoulos is a story of a generation of vipers.
Everything is connected. Nothing stands apart. The only difference in the way I think from the way most of my friends think is the fact that I have always insisted that every thread of act or thought must be viewed as being part of an entire fabric, not as separate pieces torn off. Everything we do is a part of a general and a personal history. Everything we do in one area had impacts in every area of our lives.

We have allowed ourselves to be blind to the effects of what we do, what we say, and what we allow. We have sown the wind and now reap the storm.

We have reached a point close to that existing in our country before the Civil War, when the differences which divide us no longer are able to be submitted to reasonable argument and compromise.
Although our differences may not seem to be over as important a moral issue as Slavery, we still stand apart like fire eaters, such as John  Brown

and Edmond Ruffin


A country achieves greatness without thinking about it. People do what they must to live and exert their creativity and genius.
When a country begins to fail, then it reflects upon its "glory" and yearns to be great again, for its genius has become jaded and boring, and there are no "industrial revolutions" nor are there "great revivals": there are but little upgrades, a few new bells and whistles, a new preacher on cable TV, a new and exciting TED talk, and a new thing that "goes viral".

Immigration is the documentary of our disease: from the genius and creativity of the influx of immigrants from all over the world creating a vibrant and diverse culture we have now declined to building a Great Wall to protect ourselves from the immigrant hordes and their wretched newness...

Sic transit, eh?

We are on a very bad road.


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