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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Comparing Hitler To Trump

Some people have compared Hitler to Trump.

Some have seen the rise of Neo-Fascism in the present day.

Well, Fascism absolutely required scads of ex-soldiers turned out of the armies after World War I. Without these men, there would have been geezers in the Black Shirts and grannies in the Sturmabteilung instead of young, strong ruffians.

Ditto for the Spanish Flu and Economic upheavals.

Big difference between Hitler and Trump; their times and world very different.

(We still have time for a pandemic - we gave a good try with that Ebola thing - and another economic disaster is not beyond our capabilities... look at the stock market responding to an administration that cannot formulate an intelligible policy on anything! I mean, Jared Kushner can only do so much, and even he may need an economic czar or two to help straighten things out!)

And concerning Hitler's abilities, I remember some British historian or other talking about Hitler's Tischegeschprache  - which is the way I remember "table talk" and sort off off-the-cuff chatter and my German may be way off!  - and saying that Hitler had a mediocre mind and jejune ideas.
Be that as it may, even though Herr Hitler was the devil's henchman, I don't recall anyone saying Hitler was a blithering idiot.

Here again, there is a vast difference between the two gentlemen.

That historian may be Trevor-Roper.

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