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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Returning To The Swamp

We got home from Maryland. We had been there over Easter and beyond. My granddaughter is now walking. This stage is referred to as "toddler", and it resembles my lurching in the morning, except I do not plop down on the floor when exhausted: I use a chair.

I ignored the news, thank heavens, until I got home.

Now I see that we are still baby-sitting the President. I am really getting tired of this. I do admire the President for his use of adverbs, such as when he describes an acquaintance as "really, really amazing", whereas most of the schlubs who voted for him and most of those who did not would say, "real, real amazing".

A new phase is beginning today, his 100th day.
It appears that the arts of the deal derived from his stint with the World Wrestling Federation are weakening.

Trump’s Only Playing the Madman With North Korea
Trump’s tweeted threats may sound unhinged. But the crazy talk is carefully planned, administration officials insist.
Kimberly Dozier

When President Donald Trump predicted Thursday that there could soon be a “major, major conflict” with North Korea, critics were quick to write it off as yet another needlessly provocative and un-presidential outburst from the man occupying the Oval Office.

But aides and close associates of Trump tell a very different story. They say there’s an intentional communications strategy at work, designed by the president himself: Trump knocks opponents off-balance with unexpected tweets or comments that upset the status quo, setting up the shot, then his cabinet secretaries come in as “sweepers,” laying out the new policy in more detail, calming the situation, and landing foreign policy goals.

That’s just what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson did Friday, in remarks at the UN intended to serve as a road map out of the confrontation for the Hermit Kingdom, suggesting Pyongyang’s leader Kim Jong Un take steps to show good faith, and holding out the tantalizing reward of millions in U.S. aid for steps toward denuclearization...

The problem this morning is that North Korea launched a missile yesterday. This probably means they are not afraid that the President will "cut their hair":

Maybe some strategy from the "octagon cage" will work.

My son-in-law had heard some talking-head-musings about the CIA trying to sabotage North Korea's missiles, and he did not believe it, thinking perhaps that North Korean tech was just not up to snuff.
I reminded him about Stuxnet.
I told him the story about Mussadegh.

The USA is a violent Yenta, always in everyone's business, lest we forget.

And nothing is wrong with the President. He is pretty much representative of at least half the population of this country. He is what we deserve.


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