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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Relativity Of The iPhone Part 1

Not just the iPhone, but all electronic communication devices expand time.

If you were to be an observer sitting in a metro express car going past a station and you people standing on the train platform engaged in iPhonery,  you would be in normal time while they would be in expanded time.

The expansion is due to the light speed of electronic communications.

Not just the iPhone; TV and Radio were and are involved. It is the same phenomenon we used to refer to as the shrinking of the world due to improved communications, where what happened in far away places became known to us more and more rapidly as the 19th and 20th centuries wore on:  the gaps on world maps denoted unknown lands were filled in and the events taking place in distant mountainous redoubts in Afghanistan became the evening news; while the Battle of New Orleans took place after the peace treaty had been signed in Europe and the news had not yet arrived at North America, the bombings in Yemen provide the relish of our evening meals.

The World has shrunk, but Time has expanded.


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