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Thursday, April 06, 2017

I Read... and a Good Story

I read...

Tikun Olam  תיקון עולם

That's what I read...

and there's a   ידיעה.... that I read this morning:

Tikun Olam
Palestinian-American Heroine Faces Down JDL Thugs; JDL Canada Infiltrates U.S. Diplomatic Mission
April 5, 2017 By Richard Silverstein
Danya Nayfeh, the daughter of the most seriously injured protester in the DC riot, Kamal Nayfeh, spoke extensively to me about events that day. Her parents had traveled to DC for a family day with their daughter, who is studying at Georgetown law school. As they walked downtown Nayfeh, who is studying international human rights law, wanted to find out more about the anti-Aipac protest at the Convention Center. So they walked over to the If Not Now demonstrators.

. ..they heard a violent commotion and her mom said: “I think that’s your dad.” Danya immediately began running toward the gaggle of JSL  (sic: read JDL)  attackers who surrounded Kamal. She began screaming repeatedly: “That’s my dad.”...
After she reached her dad, whose eye and back was badly injured, the police tried to shoo the family off to one side. Dana couldn’t make sense of this. She looked over at the attackers who were still milling brazenly near the site of the attack. The police were doing nothing to question them. When she was convinced the police were taking no action, she decided to confront the perpetrators herself. The police warned her not to as it might be dangerous. But she was not to be deterred.

She walked over to the JDL and began demanding to know who had attacked her father. No one replied. So she confronted Steynovitz directly and asked: “Did you attack my dad?” She repeated the question several times and he finally admitted: “We did it. That should teach him a lesson.” She looked at the policemen standing nearby to see if they would act. When they didn’t, she challenged them saying: “You heard what he just said. He admitted he did it. What are you going to do?” Their refusal to act made her frustrated and she began screaming at them demanding that they arrest the culprits...

You may have already read this story in the media, it may have been extensively covered by FOX and MSNBC. One News Organization that did cover it was RT, the Russian so-called propaganda news organization covered this with a large article on March 30, 2017.


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