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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


The Star
Spicer just said Trump knows what ‘covfefe’ means
WASHINGTON—It appeared at 12:06 a.m., without warning, like a shooting star through the dark night, if the star was half of a real word and that half of a word was attached to the suffix “fefe” and then it just stayed up there for hours for some reason.

Covfefe. Noun. (Was it a noun? It seems like it was trying to be a noun.) A word used, Wednesday, by the president of the United States.

It has come to this. To the confusion, delight and genuine alarm of the night owls of the world’s most powerful country, Donald Trump wrote the following six words to his 31 million Twitter followers early on Wednesday morning: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

There was no period. There was no rest of the sentence.


We know he meant “coverage.” But he did not make a correction, at least not immediately. Unlike Trump’s many other Twitter goofs, which he tends to amend within minutes, this one was left online for almost six hours, which was entertaining while also concerning.

Was nobody in the Trump administration awake? Did nobody in the Trump administration think they could or should tell the president to fix an embarrassing error? Had there been an actual mid-sentence emergency?


Trump’s staunchest supporters were unwilling to betray any hint of a chuckle. With Trump’s aides apparently asleep — the White House confirmed Tuesday that communications director Mike Dubke plans to resign — Kayleigh McEnany, one of the president’s designated defenders on CNN, began tweeting that covfefe was all part of the master plan.

The real Spicer was asked about the tweet in his afternoon press briefing. He was not at all amused.

“The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant,” Spicer said.

He declined to elaborate.


So what is the covert meaning. the hidden protocol of Covfefe?

Is it

 Covfefe, the all-seeing Eye?!?!

If "Coverage" was meant, then AutoCorrect must replace "-erage" with "-fefe". I wonder if there is any Undfefe in Twitter?

I think it refers to Fefe's Blog

where today we see

[L] Technology Update: The Amis [Americans]have successfully used an ICBM defense system . ICBM are intercontinental missiles, which are equipped with atomic bubblers in the creep scenario.

There have been some radar systems that can detect the launch of ICBMs. The Russians had, for example, one that became known as "Russian Woodpecker" because of its striking sound of knocking sounds of a woodpecker. The radar array for this was in Chernobyl . Yes, Chernobyl. And it was the most important energy collector of the nuclear power plant, which then burst. This led to exciting political complications at the time because the Amis knew that, and now the blind Russians might be nervous at the red button and inadvertently trigger an atomic holocaust.

The point is in any case: places (more or less good) one can do that longer. But the interception is not so simple, because the rockets are only at the beginning (so fast is not there) and in the end within the atmosphere, and thus for conventional interceptor missiles achievable. Therefore countermeasures focussed long on the last part of the trajectory, but then one can then also make countermeasures again. You can make MIRV, for example, there is not only one warhead, but let's say eight, and they split up just before the target. Enough if one gets through. Or better still: you make the self-steering and lets the a few chaotic course adjustments make just before the goal. As a safe number, it never looked as if it was a defense.

Therefore now this defense technology, which catches the ICBM in the middle of the trajectory. For this, the interceptor rocket itself has to leave the atmosphere, and this is sufficiently difficult that the first time, 2017, for the first time has worked.

This could now trigger a new armament contest with the Russians. Because their rational reaction in the Cold War thought will be to have the first more ICBMs than the Amis can build interceptors. And of course they will also build on something, clear.

and the late night Tweet was meant to say to some Russian friends:

[Check out this] cov[erage on] fefe['s blog about how the Americanskis are getting ahead of youse guys!] 


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