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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Preachers Of Perversity

I never liked Bill Maher anyway, whether he was being nice-Bill or vicious-Bill. He always impressed me as a left-wing Dennis Miller, another comedian whose politics impairs their comedy.

Then Stephen Colbert, whom I liked.
However, I did not like Mr. Colbert enough to watch his show with any sign of regularity. I rarely watched Jon Stewart, although I did catch videos later. I go to bed early, thank goodness. In sleep the scourges of politics do not usually rage.

(I would watch Chris Rock if he had a show.)

Both men were seriously out of line.
I can't really say I won't watch them anymore, however. I can't complain to the advertisers because I have no idea who they might be.

Rage on and spread the darkness of the Weapon Society.
A Weapon Society needs enemies... otherwise we would not need weapons.
So insult and demean and tutor us in the ways of viciousness!


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