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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Protector Against The Bully

Some years ago I did this poem:

Mary,  Protector!

How great the pain that pierced your heart,
Mother, when they raised Him on the cross;
ceaseless furrows of your tears record the
tsunami of your loss!
Hammer and spear, thorns and scourge,
all life from your soul did purge?

"My pain blinded everything else, I could not stand;
I admit that in my pain I cried a few
tears and screamed in my deep despair... softened
by the mound of stones I threw!
from Roman heads came blood, their cries attest:
'Get that Jew bitch! That Jewish terrorist!' "

The Virgin Mary is usually depicted as silently suffering during the passion of Jesus. However, she fought for her kids like a soldier, and drew the blood of killers. She still fights for us.
(I am tired of Mary being portrayed as Our Lady of Perpetual Victimization.)


So why do we not invoke the protection of Our Lady, Protector Against Bullies?

8-Year-Old Commits Suicide Two Days After This Happens To Him At School
When an 8-year-old decides to commit suicide after being bullied in school, it staggers the mind to consider how traumatized he must’ve been to bring his life to an end.

For Cornelia Reynolds, this is a question she’s now left to live with after she found her son dead in his room, hanging from a noose.

“I was in the living room at the kitchen table,” said Cornelia to WLWT, “and I went back to check on my son and I found him hanging.”

The chain of events goes all the way back to a series of hostile encounters with bullies in Gabe Reynold’s Ohio elementary school—but administrators deny any evidence of bullying...

There is school bullying, online bullying, bullying everywhere. People are marginalized and treated as if their well-being does not matter in the slightest. We know it does. Only a nation of barbarians would allow such things to go on.

I am not one who speaks of the modern relevance of religion. If someone needs relevance, they don't see very clearly. Our Lady who protects her children is always relevant, and she kicks and takes down names.

The needs of the present are the same as the needs of the past.
When the plague threatened in the past, we prayed to San Rocco. Today who is the patron of health? Or, better yet, who is the patron Saint of Health Care whose protection is so sorely needed by us?

Why are the Saints not kept timely with the needs of the People?


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